May Monthly Report 2019

Food Security

REACH supports vulnerable families in Chamchamal villages, who are suffering from drought, by creating kitchen gardens, distributing bee hives and constructing small dams.

In May, REACH completed installation of 61 kitchen gardens in 15 villages.
Each kitchen garden was provided with 7 types of seed and seedling to cultivate.
Each farmer of the kitchen garden was equipped with information on the farm by a special trainer on how to do the seed and seedling in a right way.

REACH distributed family food rations to IDPs in Laylan 1, Laylan 2 and Yahyawa camps in Kirkuk. In this month, REACH distributed food rations to 2,877 families.

Providing kitchen garden beneficiaries with seed and seedling plus special training on how to cultivate seed and seedlings


REACH continues providing non formal education activities for children in Sulaymaniya.

Children, who attend our Community centres in Bazyan, Baynjan and Rapareen districts, can learn playing different musical instruments (Guitar, Saz), learn languages (Kurdish, Arabic, English), computer, sport, increase their literacy level, and also improve their knowledge in school subjects.

In total, 183 Iraqi IDPs, Syrian refugees and host community children participated in our education activities in May.


REACH works in 3 fields of protection of vulnerable people—Child protection, Prevention of Gender based violence and Explosive devices awareness.

Child protection: REACH organized different psychosocial activities in Community Centres, such as individual supportive sessions, art, outdoor activities, games, case referalls for 270 children. Child protection awareness sessions were organized in Mosul for 254 children.

Prevention of Gender based violence: Gender awareness sessions were provided in Mamrashan and Esyan IDP camps and districts of Shekhan in Duhok for 719 beneficiaries. The same trainings were organized for local community in Mosul for 529 beneficiaries.

Explosive devices awareness: Also, REACH conducted awareness trainings about ex-plosive devices for 404 participants. During these training children and adults gain knowledge about how to recognize the explosive devices and what to do if they found it.


Mobile repairing training, Duhok

Every month REACH tries to support vulnerable families by improving their livelihood.
In May, mobile repairing training have taken place in Qasrok district of Duhok for 20 host community and IDPs.

The vocational training finished successfully on 20 of May. In order to continue the project REACH created a committee with trainer and Qasrok cultural center, and will select 10 participants, who are vulnerable and graduated successfully to involve them in Small businesses project.

In Sulaymaniya, REACH provided English and Hairdressing vocational trainings for 36 males and females in Sulaymaniya.

Water, Sanitation, Hygiene

In May, REACH conducted the following projects in WASH sector in Duhok:
Hygiene Awareness: 447 Tent-to-tent visits and 74 sessions were provided at Esyan and Mamrashan camps, passing children hygiene messages. Awareness about using dignity kites have been given to vulnerable groups of women and girls at both camps.

WASH: 108 samples of water have been tested at both camps. The residual chlorine and PH have been recorded for each sample.

Waste management: 2764 Garbage bags have been distributed, at both Esyan and Mamrashan camps. 624 cubic meters of sold garbage have been collected, disposed and backfilled at landfills of both camps. 4540 cubic meters of black water have been disposed.

REACH staff is conducting water tests in Mamrashan camp, Duhok

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