August monthly report 2019

Food Security REACH is working to increase food security in several villages surrounding Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. In August, this included training of twenty farmers about how to keep bees and how to protect poultry and animals from diseases.In Kirkuk, REACH distributed family food rations for IDP families in camps. In this…...

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July monthly report 2019

Food Security In July, several vulnerable families in villages surrounding Chamchamal, who were suffering from the effects of a drought, were able to establish kitchen gardens, raise bees and benefit from the construction of small dams as a result of REACH’s work. This included the distribution of 50 beekeeping kits…...

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June Monthly Report 2019

Food Security REACH supports vulnerable families in Chamchamal villages, who are suffering from drought, by creating kitchen gardens, distributing bee hives and constructing small dams. In June, REACH conducted the monitoring for the kitchen gardens, which were estab-lished in the previous month. 61-kitchen gardens in the 15 villages were monitored,…...

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