June Monthly Report 2019

Food Security

REACH supports vulnerable families in Chamchamal villages, who are suffering from drought, by creating kitchen gardens, distributing bee hives and constructing small dams.

In June, REACH conducted the monitoring for the kitchen gardens, which were estab-lished in the previous month. 61-kitchen gardens in the 15 villages were monitored, instruction was given on how to water them in the current hot season.

After completion of the new dam in the Zanan village of Chamchamal, REACH tries to aware the local community about the usage of the dam. The training was done by participation of 20 farmers. Farmers from 7 villages were taken to zanan village to see how the dam of the village is utilized through making the area green and have fishery.

Training for farmers about the usage of new dam, Sulaimaniya

In Kirkuk, REACH supervises the distribution of the family food rations for the IDPs in local camps. In this month, REACH distributed ration cards for 74 IDP families, they can use these cards to receive their food parcels.


REACH is managing 3 Community centers in Sulaymaniya governorate.
The aim of community centres is enabling a quality education for every student . In centres, family, REACH and community collaborate together to support, enrich and pro-mote learning for children and youth, through informal activities, inside and outside the center.

In June, REACH provided a variety of educational activities, such as:
• English for 67 children
• Music for 13 children
• Computer for 54 children
• Sport for 21 children
• Arabic for 53 children.

Educational activities not only give extra knowledge and skills, but also improve social cohesion among the IDPs, host, and refugees, improve their psychosocial wellbeing. Participants will be expected to explore, challenge, develop, and express ideas, using the skills, language, techniques, and processes of learning.

Arabic course in REACH Community Center


REACH works in 3 fields of protection of vulnerable people—Child protection, Prevention of Gender based violence and Explosive devices awareness.

Child protection: REACH organized different psychosocial activities in Community Centres, such as individual supportive sessions, art, health awareness, legal awareness, and Zumba for 113 host community, IDP and refugees children.

Child protection awareness sessions were organized in Mosul for 362 children.

Child protection session, Mosul

Prevention of Gender based violence: Gender awareness sessions were provided in Mamrashan and Esyan IDP camps and districts of Shekhan in Duhok for 919 benefi-ciaries. The same trainings were organized for local community in Mosul for 38 beneficiaries.

Explosive devices awareness: Also, REACH conducted awareness trainings about ex-plosive devices for 80 participants. During these training children and adults gain knowledge about how to recognize the explosive devices and what to do if they found it.


In June, REACH helped farmers in Erbil, Duhok and Kalar, by providing agriculture inputs for their families. The following assistance was distributed:
• Water and irrigation pumps
• Livestock: sheep, goats, cows
• Poultry: chicken, goose
• Equipment for kitchen gardens
• Fruit trees

With this assistance, 759 IDP, returnee and host community farmers got the ability to gain the income through production and selling of animal and agriculture products (milk, eggs, fruits).

Distribution of livestock for vulnerable villagers in Duhok

Water, sanitation and hygiene

In June, REACH conducted the following projects in WASH sector in Duhok and Kirkuk:

Hygiene Awareness for 1247 IDPs in Mamrashan and Esyan camps.

Water safety: 108 samples of water have been tested at both camps. The residual chlorine and PH have been recorded for each sample.
In Kirkuk, REACH tested water in Snoor village borehole. WASH team are following up the water projects to find out the gaps and encourage them to use the safety tools, chlorine and the fill the tables of working hours/range or results of chlorine tests during operating the projects.

Waste management: Garbage bags have been distributed, for 23880 IDPs at both Esyan and Mamrashan camps. In Kirkuk, REACH supplied tires for Garbage compactor truck of (landfill). Also, maintenance tools for Daquq Municipality/ Solid waste department were provided.

Maintenance of water tank in Mamrashan camp, Duhok