July monthly report 2019

Food Security

In July, several vulnerable families in villages surrounding Chamchamal, who were suffering from the effects of a drought, were able to establish kitchen gardens, raise bees and benefit from the construction of small dams as a result of REACH’s work. This included the distribution of 50 beekeeping kits and a training about how to care for bees. The training included 20 farmers, seventeen men and three women, some of which had received bees in past year from REACH and others who were new to bee keeping.

Villager from Sulaymaniya received bee hives

In Kirkuk, nearly 1900 families of internally displaced people were provided with family food ration cards in local camps that can be used to receive food parcels.


REACH is managing 3 Community centers in Sulaymaniya governorate.
The aim of community centres is to enable quality education for every student. In community centres, families, REACH and the community work together to support, enrich and promote learning for children and youth, through informal activities, inside and outside the center.

In July, a number of educational activities took place, including:
• English for 60 children
• Literacy for 17 children
• Computer for 27 children
• First aid training for 59 children
• Health awareness for 126 children
• Legal awareness for 39 children
• Kindergarten for 26 children
• Arabic for 17 children

English courses for children in REACH Community Center, Sulaymaniya


REACH organized psychosocial support and protection activities for children and adults in Sulaimaniya, Duhok and Mosul governorates.
In Sulaimaniya, 156 children participated in different psychosocial activities in Community Centers, such as dance, art, music, sport and others.

In Duhok, Gender awareness session was provided for IDPs living in Mamrashan and Essyan camps for 1201 beneficiaries.

Gender awareness session in Mamrashan camp, Duhok


REACH staff visit farms, irrigated by distributed water pumps, Duhok

REACH provided activities in different governorates of Iraq to improve livelihood of vul-nerable people. In July, REACH provided the following:

1) Vocational Trainings: Vocational and basic career skills were conducted in Sulaymani- ya for more than 100 participants (males and females): hairdressing, hand craft, knitting, fridge maintenance and other.

2) Small business: Small grants for 10 beneficiaries who graduated from Mobile repairing vocational training that was held in Duhok were provided to support graduates in establishing mobile repair shops.

3) Water pumps: After the provision of water pumps among farmers in Duhok governorate was completed, REACH’s staff visited some of the project locations to monitor the project’s progress. The water pumps have had a positive effect and have made many dunums of land productive, enabling many farmers to cultivate their land and sell their products at local markets.

Water, sanitation and hygiene

In July, REACH conducted the following projects in the WASH sector in Duhok and Kirkuk:

Hygiene Awareness Raising Workshops: 2179 IDPs in Mamrashan and Esyan camps.

Water Safety: 108 samples of water were tested at Mamrashan and Esyan camps. The residual chlorine and PH were recorded for each sample. Water was also tested in Snoor village borehole. WASH team are to identify the gaps in water safety and en-courage people to use the safety tools, chlorine and the fill the tables of working hours/range or results of chlorine tests to track progress over time.

Waste Management: Garbage bags have been distributed for 23880 IDPs at both Esyan and Mamrashan camps.

In Kirkuk, REACH supplied tires for Garbage compactor truck of (landfill). Also, maintenance tools for Daquq Municipality/ Solid waste department were provided.

Water testing after completion of REACH water activities, Kirkuk