August monthly report 2019

Food Security

Food parcels are ready for distribution to IDP families in Laylan 1 camp, Kirkuk

REACH is working to increase food security in several villages surrounding Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. In August, this included training of twenty farmers about how to keep bees and how to protect poultry and animals from diseases.
In Kirkuk, REACH distributed family food rations for IDP families in camps. In this month, 1934 families received food assistance in Yahyawa, Laylan 1 and Laylan 2 camps.


REACH Community Centers in Sulaimaniya continued to provide non-formal educational activities to members of host communities, Syrian refugees and internally displaced children and adults.
In August, the following activities were implemented:
• Computer course for 23 participants;
• Arabic language course for 35 participants;
• English language course for 33 participants;
• Sport course for 16 participants;
• Music for 37 participants.

Children during Arabic course in Bazyan Community Center, Sulaimaniya


Psychosocial activities in Bazyan Community center, Sulaimaniya

REACH’s protection programme includes psycho-social activities that promote a healthy, and active community, build stronger, healthier, happier, and safer communities. Through these activities the cohesion of community’s is strengthened and the chances for conflicts between members of the community is reduced.
In August, 42 children participated in art and psycho-social workshops in Sulaimaniya. REACH also organized a series of protection trainings for children and adults in Mosul focused on gender based violence and protection against explosive devices. In total, 376 children and adults participated in the trainings.


REACH provided activities in different governorates of Iraq to improve livelihood of vulnerable people.
In August, REACH provided Vocational and CV writing trainings in Sulaymaniya for 44 participants. This included hairdressing, knitting, small scale gardening among others.
Secondarily, REACH provided training for 25 female farmers from refugee and host communities in Erbil with training in food processing. The training involved theoretically and practically, the basic principles of food and its role in nutrition was discussed, as well how to produce and market agricultural products (juices, jams, tomato paste and ketchup) and manufacture dairy products (milk, cheese, etc).

Food processing training for Syrian refugees and host community, Erbil

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

In August, REACH carried out a number of WASH activities in Duhok, and Mosul.
In Duhok, REACH continued to supervise the water network system in-Mamrashan and Essyan camps. This included the installation of 41 pipes, the replacement of 49 water tanks and the installation of 120 PVC pipes for grey water systems. Hygiene awareness raising sessions about personal and general hygiene were also given to 1293 residents of camps.
In Kirkuk, the WASH team continued following up on existing water projects in Daquq district, including a chlorine injection system that was installed to bore-hole and replaced a broken 4 inch G.I pipe that was essential to the pump and network for another borehole in Klesa village.

REACH employee is fixing water tank in Mamrashan camp, Duhok