November monthly report 2019


Computer training for adults, Bazyan Community Center

REACH Community Centers in Sulaimaniya continue to provide non-formal educational activities for host community, Syrian refugees and IDP children and adults.
In November, the following activities were implemented:
• Literacy for children has been implemented for 12 IDP boys and girls. This activity helps to improve reading and writing skills of children. While IDP children are in displacement, they usually miss the school and do not learning basic skills.
• English language courses were provided for 23 Syrian, IDP and host community children. The aim of language courses is to equip the participants with a new language skill and to build social cohesion among the IDPs, host and refugees.
• Computer for adults activity has been implemented for group of 8 participants. The activity helps learners achieve the tech-fluency they need to feel more comfortable using computers.


In addition to Education, REACH organizes different psychosocial activities in Community Centres in Sulaimaniya. The aim of such activities is to develop the psychosocial well being of local and displaced children and to help displaced people from different communities with integration in new place of living. The following activities were implemented: taekwondo for 15 children, games for 31 children, sport for 16 boys. For adults REACH organized sport for 13 women, strengthening personality session for 7 participants.
In Duhok, REACH celebrated end of violence against women on 25-11-2019 in Mamrashan and Esyan camps under the theme of #world day about stop violence against women. The importance end violence against women with some activities (theater drama, songs and Ditty) have been presented to approximately 150 children, team from camp management, Health center, teachers.
REACH organized trainings for children and adults in Mosul, regarding Child protection and IED. 154 children and 406 adults took part in the trainings.

Celebration of end of violence against women day, Mamrashan camp, Duhok

Livelihood and social cohesion

Graphic design vocational training, Sulaymaniya

REACH supports the vocational education for adults, as the process of cultural reproduction through the supply of skilled workers to meet vital, necessary and desirable needs within the community.
In November, REACH conducted 3 Vocational trainings in Sulaymaniya:
• Graphic Design Vocational Training for 1 Refugee, 2 IDPs and 38 Host community members;
• Hairdressing And Makeup Vocational training for 1 IDP and 37 Host community members;
• Hospitality Vocational Training for 34 Refugees, 17 IDPs and 41 Host community members.

Water, sanitation and hygiene

WASH program is one of the biggest in REACH work.
In November, REACH not only continued to support Mamrashan and Esyan camps, but also started to help new Syrian refugees, who arrived into Gawelan and Bardarash camps. The following service was provided:
Fixing and installimg water valves, pumps, latrine basis in Bardarash camp for Syrian refugees.
Installation of electricity and windows to sanitation units in Bardarash camp.
Distribution of hygiene kits and garbage bins in Bardarash and Gawelan camps for in Bardarash for 3465 Syrian refugees.
Hygiene awareness in Bardarash and Gawelan camps, 4583 tent-tent visits, staff were passing messages about (Scabies, lice, hand washing, personal hygiene, environmental hygiene, waste management, water diarrhea, food protection. Etc. )

Hygiene awareness for IDPs in Bardarash camp, Duhok