September monthly report 2019

Food security

Distribution of food items for newly arrived Mosul families, Kirkuk

REACH works on increasing food security in Kirkuk. In September, REACH distributed food packages as immediate rapid respond for the newly arrived families from Mosul. In total, 185 newly arrived families received food parcels Haj Ali and Jadaa camps. Families with family member more than 6 they received 2 rations. The food parcel contains such items beans, chickpeas, biscuits, dates and canned chicken.


REACH Community Center in Baynjan district of Sulaymaniya provided several educational activities for children in the age of 7-11 and adults.
English language course is one of the most popular courses among Community center beneficiaries. The new course started in September for 17 children and 17 adults.
For adults, the most popular course is computer. According to the demand, new course was opened for 10 males and females.
Our beneficiaries are children and adults from different ethnic groups—host community, Iraqi IDPs and Syrian refugees. REACH creates safe and accessible environment for men, women, children and disabled people.

Computer courses in Rapareen in Community Center, Sulaimaniya


Art Activity in Community Center (Bazyan), Sulaimaniya

Psycho-social activities of REACH promote a healthy, and active community, build stronger, healthier, happier, and safer communities.
In September we provided the following activities:
Sport for women for 15 participants. We opened this course to motivate the women to be more opened and more active physically.
Art for children for 15 participants. The aim of opening this course was to motivate the children to think in a beautiful way and express their feeling by drawings.

Livelihood and social cohesion

REACH provides activities in different governorates of Iraq to improve livelihood of vulnerable people:
1) Farmer training for 62 beneficiaries in Sulaimaniya, Duhok and Erbil—Farmer training (Develop the skills of livestock keepers in the area of successful management and ways for prevention from epidemic diseases, food processing).
2) Beekeeping project monitoring—Beekeeping project was monitored in (Tilako, Khwellen,Khell Mansur villages of Sulaymaniya) by Agriculture engineer, and also harvested honey products of this year in Tilako village, delivered some materials for 2 host community beneficiaries.

Food processing training in Erbil

Water, sanitation and hygiene

Hygiene awareness in Mamrashan camp, Duhok

In September, REACH continued to carry out WASH activities in Duhok.
REACH supervised 2 Care and Maintenance trainings at Esyan and Mamrashan IDPs camps. Trainings were about how to install and maintain all types of mixer (shower, kitchen sink and pedestal, latrine spray water. Also training about hygiene and first aid was conducted in both camps. The total number of participants is 146.
Hygiene promotion sessions and tent to tent visit were provided for 2,226 beneficiaries.
Garbage bags were distributed to the 23,869 camp beneficiaries.