REACH December report 2019


REACH Community Centers in Sulaimaniya continue to provide non-formal educational activities for host community, Syrian refugees and IDP children and adults.
• Educational awareness has been implemented by a trainer for 2 hours to 43 participants: (14 male & 28 female host), (1 female IDP). The aim of this activity is to empower teachers about how to deal with children, communication in a new modern method and interaction between student and teachers in a positive way, it also improves psychosocial well being of teachers and student.

Educational awareness for teachers, Sulaymaniya


GBV awareness training for returnees, stayees and IDPs in Mosul

In addition to Education, REACH organizes different psychosocial activities in Community Centres in Sulaimaniya. The aim of such activities is to develop the psychosocial wellbeing of local and displaced children and to help displaced people from different communities with integration in new place of living. The following activities were implemented: A session on competition games for 21 children, Bowling for 19 children, saz music and art class for 29 children. For adults the travel to the Garden center were organized, as well as GBV awareness sessions. The total number of adults participants is 128.
In Duhok, Gender awareness sessions were provided in Mamrashan and Esyan IDP camps and districts of Shekhan in Duhok for 914 beneficiaries. Early marriage, importance of education, family planning, deal between partners, gender equality were among the topics of the sessions.
REACH organized trainings for adults in Mosul, regarding Gender Based violence. 345 males and females took part in the training.

Livelihood and social cohesion

In December, REACH provided the following activities to improve livelihood of local population in Sulaymaniya governorate:
• Training on Hairdressing for 20 refugee beneficiaries in Said Sadiq district;
• Providing livestock such as Kurdish cow with its calf, Bokani and Kurdish sheep, Shammi goats and beekeeping for 19 beneficiaries in different villages;
• Farmer training about livestock grazing and challenges for 21 beneficiaries around Khurmal sub district;
• Providing agricultural inputs such as seeds, cultivation rents, herbicides for 2 beneficiaries;
• Providing 240m length of irrigation water pipe for one beneficiary in Qaytul village.

Sheep distribution for vulnerable families, Sulaymaniya

Water, sanitation and hygiene

Water tank maintenance in Mamrashan camp, Duhok

December, REACH not only continued to support Mamrashan and Esyan camps, but also managed to help new Syrian refugees, who arrived into Gawelan and Bardarash camps. The following service was provided:
• Care and Maintenance in Water supply in Esyan and Mamrashan camps for 23,666 IDPs;
• Care and Maintenance in sanitation units in Esyan and Mamrashan camps for 4,487 IDPs;
• Construction foot path culvert for school children in Esyan camp for 1,827 IDPs;
• Distribution of hygiene kits, provision and installation for water storage tanks, and rehabilitation of sanitation facilities for 1,190 Syrian refugees families in Gawelan and Bardarash camps;
• Hygiene awareness for 13,496 Syrian refugees in Gawelan and Bardarash camps.

Multi-purpose cash assistance

Cash beneficiary during the registration, Mosul

In December, REACH distributed multipurpose cash assistance to vulnerable families of Mosul. The assistance is to support vulnerable families in meeting their basic needs. Each beneficiary household received one transfer, two transfers or three transfers depending on the vulnerability level and following the targeting model developed by the Cash Working Group and the Cash Consortium for Iraq. Each beneficiary household received 480,000IQD/month based on the Survival Minimum Expenditure Basket.
Cash was distributed through electronic money transfer using mobile sim cards. In total, 394 vulnerable families received cash.