REACH works on the issue of Education and the challenges currently facing students, teachers and institutions with an emphasis on inclusion and protection. When working with students, REACH believes strongly that every child has a right to education, but recognizes that displacement has a big impact on IDP families and their ability to provide consistent schooling for their children. In addition to the challenge of getting to school and attending class, displaced children also are at risk of suffering from psychological trauma. This trauma can affect the learning process, making it more difficult to focus and retain new information. Therefore displaced and traumatized students require more support in order to regain the ground lost as well as progress to new levels of learning.


REACH provides study support for school-aged children and youth (between six and 18 years old) in a variety of subjects including: Computers, English, Art, Study support, Sports, Kurdish (Sorani), Music and Kurdish dance.

Young women and men are also provided with opportunities for specialized study support designed for adults. These courses include literacy, English, sport, dance, Kurdish and art.

REACH is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and inclusive learning environment for all of its students.