Request for Proposal

Our Organization, REACH (Rehabilitation, Education and Community Health) NGO, invites the companies and Contractors to participate in the ref numbered (REACH-SUP-RFP-2020-012) to (Construction of Intake and Renovation for Aski Kalak Irrigation Project in Khabat district/ Erbil governorate) and according to the conditions and specifications mentioned in the tender documents.

Interested Contractors and companies can obtain an original stamped copy of the te11der documents Online until


Contractors and Companies Can submit their Bid online and send Sealed Documents to below Email Email:

Or visiting our Office as per below addresses:

Erbil: Ainkawa,  Behind America consulate.  ‘0771 478 5380’

Deadline for submitting bid Documents is on rf hursday  22-0ctober-2020} before 11:00 am Instructions:

-bidder shall provide Tax clearance for year,2020 with bid documents.

-The winner shall be ready to open an account in RT Bank.

-Please write the Bid ref: RECH-SUP-RFP-2020-012 in the subject line of the Email, otherwise may not be considered.

Tender documents/وثائق العطاء

Announcement letter



TEF- Annex1