Invitation to Bid

Our Organization, REACH (Rehabilitation, Education and Community Health) NGO, Organization Invites potential Contractors and Companies under bid ref (REACH-SUP-RFP-2020-016) to bid for (Construction of Weir and Irrigation Channel Gulija village and “Irrigation Channel – Susey Saidan villag”- Piramagroon sub-district- Dukan District-Sulaymaniyah Governorate).

Interested Contractors and Companies can collect the Bid documents until 24th, December, 2020 by Online

For submitting Bid Documents Please send the Sealed bid documents to below Email:

or visiting our office as per below Address: –

Sulaymaniyah – Ibrahim Pasha 208 -street 42 (Phone No: 0770 681 5831)

from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm, from Sunday to Thursday

Deadline for submitting Bid documents is: 24th December,2020 before or at 11:00 AM.

Terms and Notes:

-The bidder shall provide Tax clearance for year,2020 with bid documents.

-The winner shall be ready to open an account in RT Bank.

– Please write in the subject line of the Email the Bid ref: REACH-SUP-RFP-2020-016, unless may not be proceeded, otherwise the Contractor shall do visiting alone.

Annex -A- TEC-RFP016

Annex -B- Gulija BOQ with kurdish translation

Annex -C- Susey saidan BOQ with Kurdish translation

Annex -D- Drawing details in Gulija

Annex -E- Drawing detail ain Susey Saidan

Announcement REACH-SUP-RFP-2020-016