Request for Proposal

Rehabilitation, Education and Community Health (REACH) is a non-governmental, non-profit, impartial, neutral and independent Iraqi organization, which was founded in 1995. REACH provides humanitarian aid to IDPs, refugees, returnees and vulnerable host communities, by assisting and supporting their efforts to make a difference in their lives and developing their capacity to respond to emergencies with the support of partner agencies.

To achieve its goals REACH Invites potential suppliers and companies under bid ref (REACH-SUP-ITB-2021-029) to bid for (Infrastructure Projects in Tilako and Dwanza Imam Villages).

For submitting bid documents, please send the signed bid documents to below email:

or submit the bid documents to the below address:

Sulaymaniyah: Ibrahim Pasha quarter 208, alley 42, near Sulaymaniyah Meteorological Department

Phone number: 0770 681 5831

The deadline for submitting the bid documents is Sunday, 31/10/2021.


– Please write in the subject line of the email the bid reference number (REACH-SUP-ITB-2021-029) if not then it may not be processed.

Tender documents/دۆکیومێنتە تەندەرەکان

Annex 1 – BOQ for Small Weir Project

Annex 2 – BOQ for Tilako Projects

Annex 3 – TEC

Annex 4 – Dwanza Imam Projects Drawing

Annex 5 – Tilako Projects Drawing

Annex 6 – Invitation to Bid – REACH-SUP-ITB-2021-029


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