Invitation to Proposal (REACH-SUP-RFP-2020-010)

Our Organization, REACH (Rehabilitation, Education and Community Health) NGO, invites the Suppliers and companies to participate in the tender process of (Rehabilitation of Al-Hussienia Compact unit (100 m3/h) / Al-Zab sub-district / Hawija-District / Kirkuk Governorate) and according to the conditions and specifications mentioned in the tender documents, which can be obtained from Online or from our office located in Kirkuk :

Interested Suppliers and companies can collect an original stamped copy of the tender documents Online.

Phone No ‘Sulaymaniyah Office:0770 681 5831

Phone No ‘Kirkuk office’: 0750 889 7537

Or from our Office in Kirkuk Governorate

Address: Noor City Compound, House No.395, Kirkuk Governorate.

Suppliers and Companies Can submit their proposal online and send Sealed Documents to below Email


Or submit their Bid Documents to our address office

Address: Noor City Compound, first gate, Villa No.395, Kirkuk Governorate.

Phone No:0750 889 7537

Deadline for submitting proposal Documents is on Monday (05-October-2020) before at 11:00 AM

Terms and instructions:

  • The Bid winner shall open Bank account in RT Bank.
  • Every Company shall provide Tax Clearance for year,2020 and submit C.V of the company with the tender documents.
  • Because of spreading COVID-19 and for the public safety, Our Organization obliged to open Bids without the presence of bidders.

Tender documents/وثائق العطاء

Annex #1 – Service Room

Annex #2-A Fence

Annex #2-B Fence

Annex #3- Details of Electric poles

Annex #4 – O&M tools – Hussainia WTP

Annex#5-SDC Visibilty Banner REACH-Hussainia WTP


Bid ‘REACH-SUP-RFP-2020-010

BoQ of Husainiya Water Project


Site visit form Al-Hussainia

Technical Evaluation form – REACH-SUP-RFP-2020-010- Hussainia