Job Opportunity (Worker) in Erbil/Soran District

This project is financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) program “Employment Promotion for IDPs, refugees, returnees and socially deprived households in host communities (P4E – Prospects for Employment)” in partnership with REACH Organization.

The project aims to help and support to bring temporary job opportunities for people from Host Community (HC), Internally Displaced People (IDP), Refugees and Returnees to work per the places and activities that mentioned below.

Those wishing to apply can fill out this form below:

Interested applicants should attach the following documents to the application form:

  • A copy of PDS form.
  • A copy of Personal ID / National ID.
  • Refugees should attach a copy of UNHCR card and Residence Card.
  • If the applicant or a member of the family is people with disability, documents to prove disability should be available.
  • Evidence if any member of the family has chronic disease.

Working detail:

  • Working duration is (40 days).
  • Working hours is (8 hours) plus (30) minutes break time. (8:00-4:30)
  • Working days are from (Sunday through Thursday). Saturdays will be included in case of need.
  • Workers are paid (25.000 IQD) for each day of work.
  • Supervisor are paid (40.000 IQD) for each day of work.
  • Food and transportation are not provided.
  • Erbil/Soran District: Maintenance and cleaning of water tanks of Soran Water treatment Plants (Bekhal, Zar Gali, Berziwa, City Centre and Soran Water Directorate). Gardening and cleaning campaigns inside Soran.


Other Notes:

  • Priority will be given to people from the same area.
  • Applicant must take health and safety procedures seriously, putting Mask on and maintaining distance with others.
  • The job opportunity is open to male and female. However, females and people with special needs are encouraged to apply.
  • Filling out the form is not only a guarantee of getting the job, but it will also be in accordance with the points, criteria, and needs listed on the application form.
  • The age of applicant must be 18 and above.
  • Qualified applicants will be notified prior to the start date of work.
  • those who already participated in the Cash for Work program or relatives with REACH or GIZ during the last 12 months, are not eligible to apply.
  • The last day to apply will be on December 7, 2021 at 04:00 PM.

Download the announcement in English, Kurdish, Arabic