Protection is an essential component to REACH’s commitment to working toward the development of a sustainable and empowered community. It represents a guiding principle to all of our work, in particular in terms of working with women, children and the most vulnerable populations in Iraq.


Community centers

It is important for IDP to have a place where they can forget about their difficulties in life, even if just for several hours only, to find new friends and to enjoy different cultural and relaxing activities.

To meet this need, REACH established 3 community centers in Bazyan, Baynjan and Rapareen districts of Sulaymaniya, where various psychosocial activities are provided for camp and noncamp Syrian refugees and IDPs, including case management, kindergarten sessions, health awareness sessions, self-confidence sessions, art therapy, outdoor activities.

Psychosocial officers, who work in community centres, monitor psychological condition of participants, and in case of deviation they work with these children on order to improve their condition, with the future follow up.
Activities in community centers are not only the place for learning and spending time, but it is also opportunity for children to meet new friends and communicate with representatives of other ethnic groups, which builds social cohesion.

Explosive Hazard Risk Education and Gender Awareness

REACH provides protection programming across diverse geographical locations. It includes Child protection interventions, as well as session about the protection of adults, also awareness about Gender Based Violence. In Mosul, beneficiaries receive Mine Protection training. During these training children and adults gain knowledge about how to recognize the explosive devices and what to do if they found it.