When someone is forced to leave his home urgently because of imminent danger, they can not take needed household items with them. Therefore, usually displaced people urgently need basic necessities.

As a result of years of conflict, destruction and displacement, Iraq represents a land that requires a lot of rebuilding. Even structures that were not directly impacted by war, often suffer from neglect as governmental institutions have been limited in their ability to keep up with all of the services the population requires.


REACH supports IDP, returnees and vulnerable residents by distributing non-food and core-relief items to vulnerable families in and out of camps.

While summers in Iraq are usually dry and hot, winters in the North (where the biggest number of displaced people are located) are harsh, characterized by rain, snow and low temperatures. Therefore the winter is the most difficult for displaced people and season that requires increased support for these families.

Core-relief items are all crucial in an emergency response to displacement and included: blankets, mattresses, tents, plastic sheetings,
sleeping mats, kitchen sets, water jugs and other miscellaneous items.

Winterization items include: one jerry can and kerosene. Each family receive 75 litres of kerosene

Shelter and renovation of social infrastructure

REACH identificates and renovates shelters for internally displaced people and the social institutions, such as schools and primary health care units that require renovation in areas with highly diverse populations, thereby increasing social cohesion.